RAWALPINDI - In what apparently a big blow to the 'good governance of Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif, PML-N MNA Muhammad Hanif Abbasi allegedly thrashed an official of Special Branch (SB) Political Wing, who went to a marriage hall Sunday last to make a film about violation of one-dish-law, time schedule and wastage of electricity by the hall management. Hanif Abbasi, who is considered a key player of N-league politics in thickly populated Rawalpindi, did not spare the SB Political Wing official after thrashing him, he influenced SB high ups to get him suspended, well-placed sources revealed to TheNation here on Wednesday. SSP Special Brach Zarahat Kiyani and other big wheels hushed up the whole issue apparently succumbing to the political pressure. CM Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif had banned all food items in the marriage ceremonies except simple tea and soft drink for the benefit of the less privileged sections of society besides strictly ordering management of all the marriage halls to close down their business till 10 p.m. in a bid to overcome ongoing energy crises in the province. According to sources, a wallima was held at Bless Marriage Hall located at 3-D, Saidpur Road on 16/10/2011 (Sunday last) at night in which PML-N stalwarts MNA Muhammad Hanif Abbasi, MPA Zia Ullah Shah and officer bearer Sardar Naseem were also invited. The host served the guests with more then one dishes, sources said adding that the hall management did not close down it till 10 p.m. The sources disclosed that an official of SB Political Wing official Tahir Mehmood reached the hall and started recording the ongoing violation of one dish and time schedule law imposed by Punjab government. As MNA Hanif Abbasi saw the person capturing the one dish violation, he called him and snatched his camera. When Tahir argued, sources said, Hanif Abbasi started abusing him and later pushed him out of the hall. After two days, Hanif Abbasi returned the camera to the head of SB with orders to remove Tahir from service. However, Tahir was immediately transferred to Punjab police instead of suspending from the job, sources revealed. SSP SB Zarahat Kiyani tried his level best to put the whole matter under the carpet, when this scribe phoned him on his mobile number 03005556035 to know his point of view. SSP said that no brawl has occurred between Hanif Abbasi and Tahir in the marriage hall over filming the one dish law violation; however, he (SSP) said that he launched a detail inquiry into the incident. When this scribe questioned as to why he conducted an inquiry when there was no incident took place, Zarahat replied that he would make a phone call to this scribe after 10 minutes, but later it was not done by SSP. No senior officer of SB or city police was available to confirm whether Tahir was transferred or not. Tahir, during a chat, made a request with this scribe no not highlight this issue as government would put only him into hot waters instead of taking action against MNA Hanif Abbasi. Despite several phone calls, made by this scribe to MNA Hanif Abbasi on his cell number 03328565656 for his stance, the MNA did not respond. Later, Sheikh Anwar (03065444566), the PA and Sana Ullah (03009784339), the PSO to Hanif Abbasi, were called repeatedly by this scribe and requested them to arrange a talk of this scribe with MNA or covey a message, but both replied Abbasi Sahid cannot talk to you as he his busy in National Assembly session. Bless Marriage Hall Manager Tafazal Saeed was not present in his office when a phone call was made on his office number 051-4411125. However, another person, who was not willing to tell his name, picked up the phone and threatened of dire consequences, when this scribe sought the mobile number of the manager and later about the incident.