LAHORE Top leadership of PML-N, fearing the growing popularity of PTI, has opened the doors for turncoats of PML-Q, claims PTI chief Imran Khan. He made these claims while addressing a function of Insaaf Students Federation (ISF) at the party office on Wednesday. He said PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain should be waiting for a phone call of Nawaz Sharif as the PML-N chief would soon contact him to join N-League in the larger interest of the country and nation. Imran claimed that PML-N was deviating from its earlier stance of not accepting the traditional turncoats of PML-Q. He further claimed that people ruling from Raiwind fearing the 'tsunami of justice was striking deals with the persons to whom it declared political outcasts. He maintained that PML-N and PPP were both passing through the phase of disintegration and challenged that Nawaz and Zardari could not stop the 'wind of change, which was going to blow from the PTI platform. He congratulated President Zardari for speeding up the process of PPPs breakup. Imran said Zardari was accomplishing that task successfully which could not be completed by many dictators of the country. He claimed that both the top leaders of PML-N and PPP were losing grip over their parties. PTI chief said that people of Lahore would decide on October 30 that whether they support 'Insaaf party or the 'dengue brothers of Punjab. Challenging the PML-N leadership that PTI would hold a bigger public moot in provincial capital on October 30 than PML-Ns October 28 meeting, he maintained that time had changed and PML-N, despite the support of 'umpires, could not stop PTI from holding that historical moot. Imran claimed that PML-N leadership was seconding all stands of the PTI, as it has no agenda of its own. PTI chief while proposing that declaration of assets should be the prerequisite for a politician said neither the dengue brothers nor their third brother, Zardari would declare their assets at any cost. The ISF leaders on this occasion claimed that PML-N could ask for their support on October 28 if they face deficiency of public support in their moot. They further claimed that ISF would hold a historical public meeting in the provincial metropolis which would turn the tables of traditional political parties. Meanwhile, PTI central secretary information, Umer Sarfaraz Cheema has rejected a news report quoting him as saying that PML-Q (Like-Minded Group) would soon join the PTI. He said that the news report was completely baseless and he was quoted completely out of context.