ISLAMABAD - Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan on Wednesday asked PML(N) President Nawaz Sharif not to unleash a covert war in Sindh province in disguise of sympathising the people of flood-hit areas. Addressing a press conference, the minister further asked the PML(N) leadership to come up with political dialogue rather adopting character assassination. The character assassination of the symbol of the Federation could destabilise the democratic process in the country. "The credit goes to PPP leadership (Benazir Bhutto) to make possible his return from exile. He should be obliged," she said, urging the Nawaz Sharif to prove him a patriot and avoid politics of allegations. She said that PPP leadership always believed in resolving the issues of masses. "In an attempt to get support of flood-affected people Sharif was shedding crocodile tears," the minister said, adding that despite making covert political attacks Nawaz Sharif should make political move which would be welcomed by the PPP. She said that there should be respect of mandate of political parties. "Who are targeting PPP leadership have actually entered a blind alley. Actually they are confused. They should avoid such politics and heal the wounds of flood affectees," she added. The minister further said that incumbent government did not file any case against any politician; rather the government had tolerated its political opponents. "No one should indulge in distorting the image of any individual, as political forces should resolve issues with dialogues. Our leadership has asked us to remain silent and we are keeping mum but we can not remain silence in such circumstance when our leadership comes under attack," she added. To a question about 'Go Zardari Go campaign', Firdous Ashiq said that it was not new plan of PML(N), as they always wished to remain in government in democratic setup. "It is responsibility of the information ministry to respond the undue criticism on the President and PM," she added. Criticising the comments "Dako Raj", she said that leadership of PML(N) should concentrate on real issues and try to provide relief to the victims of flood-hit areas. When asked about possible reshuffle in the federal cabinet, she said that it was prerogative of the leadership to change portfolios. "We will welcome any kind of decision from leadership and question of such possible change is a piece of news for me," she added. To yet another question about the boycott by parliamentarians in protest to the convening of the meetings of the standing committees of defence in the GHQ, she said that it was prerogative of the Chairman of the committee to decide the venue of any meeting. Talking about relief activities, she said that 14 districts of Sindh had been declared calamity-hit areas and in this regard the federal government and Sindh governments were making all out efforts. She said that President Asif Ali Zardari had stayed in Sindh for nine days and he himself had taken several meetings to help the affectees. She said till now, 13 videoconferences meetings have held so far to help the victims and oversee the relief efforts. She said the President held an important meeting with NDMA Chairman, Chief Secretary Sindh and other to evolve strategy for flood-affected people of the area. National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) had apprised the meeting that over 300,000 tents, over three million ration packs of 18-kg each, over 200,000 mosquito nets, plastic sheets, blankets and other necessary items have been distributed among affectees. She said that 39,000 Pakistan Cards had been distributed among the affectees and initially 1.7 million affected families are going to be provided with Rs 10,000 and for the purpose, Rs 17 billion would be needed.