Government is trying its best to cope up with the power shortage by introducing power saving measures such as two days off per week, early closing of markets and shopping centres, replacing ordinary electric bulbs with energy savers, restrictions on lighting and commercial signs etc. However, yet another huge source of power consumption has escaped its attention either by design or default. It is the television sets. According to Pakistan Statistical database 55 % of the houses in Pakistan have TV sets. As such there are around 15 million sets and on an average a 19 inch direct view analogue TV set consumes about 130 watts per hour, which comes to a total of 1950 mega watt per hour. When a commodity is in short supply its rationing is warranted in the national interest. Why not ration the TV transmissions to 6 hours a day from 4 pm to 10 pm which will apart from saving huge amount of badly needed electricity also provide our children with the patriotic viewing of the national flag and listening to the national anthem at the close of the TV transmission every day like the days bye gone. COL. RIAZ JAFRI (RETD), Rawalpindi, October19.