LAHORE Punjab Energy Department has chalked out a plan to set up project under the directive of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif that would generate over 3,000MW electricity to meet the ever-increasing demand of power in the province. According to detail, the electricity would be generated by using means of coal, solar, thermal, bio-gas, biomass and hydel. As many as 45 sugar mills would generate 1,000MW electricity, 1,000MW by using local coal and rest of power would be generated through utilising other different sources. Energy Department Secretary Rab Nawaz while talking to The Nation revealed that in a bid to protect investment in energy sector, Punjab government is going to set up a guarantee fund worth Rs 2 billion and is allocating Rs 4 billion for Energy Development Fund. During three years from 2011-13, under collaboration of public-private sector, 800MW electricity would be generated from coal, 1,000MW from mix generation and 200MW from hydel means.