ISLAMABAD – In Islamabad, 54,552 kanals land of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has been grabbed by the land mafia and refugees, Member Estate Management of the CDA, Shaista Suhail told the Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat.

According to sources, she informed that award of several sectors has been completed but the sectors still could not be developed. She further said that CDA’s 74,576 kanal land was grabbed by the residents in different areas, of which 20,025 kanals land has been vacated.

According to the source, giving the details, she told the committee that land for Sector C-13 was 1,060 kanal that was acquired on September 15, 2009 on Land Sharing Formula, while its compensation money was still due. Land specified for Sector C-14 was 2,343 kanals that would be developed on public-private partnership, while land for C-15 was 2,343 kanals and for C-16 was 3,786 kanals. Negotiations with the house affecttees in the case were underway for awards, while the survey in this regard has been completed, she said.

According to the sources, she told the committee that total land of the sectors D-13, E-13 and F-13 was 14,328 kanals. This land has been acquired while award in this regard was still due, she said, adding 16,077 kanals land for H-16 and I-17 was acquired in 2009 on the price of Rs830,000 per kanal. One billion rupees have been paid to the affectees while 11 billion rupees were due, she said.

The member Estate said that development work on Park Enclave housing scheme was underway, while work in I-11 was hindered by the presence of Afghan refugees in the sector.

The sources said that the chairman CDA, talking about the problem of Afghan refugees in Sector I-11, said that he would call a meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs, Interior Ministry, Afghan refugees, ITC and Media along with the chief commissioner to discuss the matter, so that the land could be vacated from the Afghan refugees and developed.