KARACHI – Leaders of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Karachi and Centre have expressed serious concerns over the rising trend of terrorism and extremism in the country. They said that several people are being killed but not a single Pakistani agency seems to be moving. They were speaking at a seminar on the Topic of “Rising Terrorism and Extremism in the country” organized by Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Karachi and PMA Centre at PMA house on the other day. The members of Civil Society, Joint Action Committee, Media Personnel and Human Rights Activist attended and speak about the rising trend of terrorism and extremism in the country. In his opening remarks, Dr Idrees Adhi welcomed all the participants and shared his views regarding the issue, he referred to the recent live debate of two presidential candidates of USA who discussed all the issues in the presence of general public and were answerable to every question came their way, contrary to our country where all of our rulers are not accountable. Lots of people are being killed but not a single agency seems to be moving. Dr Mirza Ali Azhar in his remarks said that it is a sad situation that the progressives are not coming out in a large number to denounce the terrorism. Faheem Siddiqui was of the opinion that people must realize that all the information they have it is all due to media. Mr. Jamal Naqvi said that it is the responsibility of every individual to play his role. Mr. Habib Junaidi praised the efforts of Pakistan Medical Association to organize a seminar on such an important issue. He said although it is not the responsibility of the medical fraternity to come out openly on such issues, but PMA has always been a frontrunner in this regard. He was very optimistic about the outcome of the war against the terror. He said that the things are coming in the parliaments for discussion and legislation. Mr. Imran Sherwani shared his views by saying that the Anti-progressive forces are joining hands and compromising with each other. While this kind of unity is not being observed amongst the progressive forces. He gave many examples of the Law being an implemented for the power full segments of the society but there is no Law for the poor and the have-nots. Dr. Aziz Khan Tank, spoke about the popular public opinion which is unfortunately going in favor of the Anti-progressive forces. Farhat Parveen, Abdul Hai and others also spoke. The vote of thanks was given Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad, the proceeding was conducting Dr Qazi Wasiq. In the end all the members of the seminar and some more family joining, performed vigil by lightning the candles and paying tributes to “Malala Yousufzai” for her courageous effort for the education of girls in Swat.