To a question asked by the World Bank (WB) on social networking site Facebook on September 6, 2012 as to what it would take to end the hunger faced by one billion people, veteran economist Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmed replied, “Since a recent study tells that countries, which took loans from the WB and IMF, have experienced increasing suicide rates, there is hardly any answer required to the question as to what it will take to end the hunger of those one billion people who go to bed hungry every night. Your extremely hard and harsh loan terms are killing the poorest of the poor people in many ways, what to talk of hunger. Do not forget that very soon the WB and IMF may be tried for crimes against humanity because your loans not only breed and enhance corruption, they increase poverty, which also breeds terrorism. Kindly immediately revisit all the inhuman terms and conditions of your loans, particularly given to poor and developing countries, and also consider writing off these loans, which are, in fact, sucking the blood from the poorest of the poor, to serve the lavish lifestyles of your employees, consultants, advisers and contractors, etc.”  Wise words indeed.