LAHORE - Supreme Court Bar Association of India President Pravin H. Parekhisdoes not approve the disqualification of Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani as the prime minister by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Parekh, who is visiting Pakistan along with a delegation of Indian lawyers to attend a two day international conference titled “Peace through Law” organised by the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan (SCBAP), said it was not democratic to send a prime minister home in a contempt case. Gilani was disqualified on June 20 of this year in a contempt of court case emerged against him for not writing letter to the Swiss government for reopening of graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. Parekh, talking to The Nation, said it was true that a judge had discretionary powers under constitution of Pakistan to punish any person who ridicule the judiciary or defy it orders, but some matters involving executives of the country should be handled carefully.

He said that apex court of Pakistan should have to keep in consideration that the disqualification of an elected prime minister might have some political consequences.Gilani’s issue was not all in all legal but it was linked with a political scenario, the lawyer said.

He stated that politicians were being elected by the people and their dismissal from the public office might create unrest among the voters.

“Generally, a judge should not disqualify a prime minister,” Parkehsaid.