KARACHI - Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro while commenting on Supreme Verdict in Asghar Khan Case said that Nawaz Sharif and other politicians who accepted money from the ISI to rig the elections in 1990 should be disqualified from politics.In a statement issued here on Friday, Mr Khuhro said that like the Supreme Court disqualified the parliamentarians for their dual citizenship and not telling truth, the politicians and parliamentarians who are part of the current Assembly should be disqualified from taking part in the politics.He termed the distributing money to IJI against the PPP a conspiracy against the democracy, demanding to initiate of trial against the all the people involved in distribution and receiving of money to defeat the PPP through rigging in 1990.Mr Khuhro demanded that politicians who received money should apologise from the nation and return the money in the national exchequer. Meanwhile, Provincial Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that Supreme Court verdict has proved that in elections of 1990, Pakistan People’s Party was a real winner but rigging in elections caused defeat to it. In a statement issued here on Friday, he said that the verdict had also disclosed dishonesty of Nawaz Sharif who sold himself to establishment for monetary gains. He added, “In this decision it is also stated that money was provided unconstitutionally to the victory of a certain party and that party was no other party than IJI.He said that Nawaz Sharif was then head of IJI and people came to know that Nawaz Sharif was a thief who for money only sold his faith and he also caused a set back to democracy and insulted the mandate of the masses. Mr Memon said that his (Nawaz Sharif) act made PPP to face the defeat that at that time. He said that as the names of Asad Durrani and Aslam Baig have been mentioned those who provided money to get IJI won the elections, in the same way Nawaz Sharif's name should also be mentioned. “People are unable to understand why his name has not been taken in this regard. Why he has been given relaxation who committed a crime against the mandate of the people,” the Sindh information minister said.