PESHAWAR - A girl, who has contracted court marriage, has appealed to the government to provide her and her spouse with security, as they were under threat after the marriage.

One Ms Kalsoom, daughter of Izhar Ahmad Abbasi, resident of Islamabad, said Friday that she married Sarfaraz Khan, on which a complained was filed against her, her husband and in-laws. She appealed to the government to provide them with protection and cancel the complaint with police against her husband and in-laws.

Speaking at a news conference at Peshawar Press Club, Ms Kalsoom said that she was adult and willingly contracted her marriage with Sarfaraz Khan at a local court in Peshawar. She added she was not kidnapped by anybody, but her father wrongly named her in-laws, including a sister and younger brother of her husband, in a kidnapping case with Marri Pagori police.

Flanked by Sarfaraz Khan, she alleged that a police Investigation Officer Akram Niazi and Shahzad Town Police Station duty in-charge Muzafar were threatening them. “They have asked us to appear in the Shahzad Town Police Station, warning that otherwise her arrested in-laws will face the music,” she alleged. “We feel insecure in appearing in the local court in Rawalpindi, so the government should interfere into the matter and provide us with security. We have not done any wrong. We want justice.” The couple also demanded stern departmental action against the stated police officials for threatening them.