ISLAMABAD - On the call of Young Doctors Association (YDA), the doctors observed strike at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) against the alleged manhandling of the doctors by the guards of a VIP patient over wrong parking.

OPDs and elective Operation Theater (OT) of the three hospitals of PIMS including children’s hospital, main hospital and gynae department were closed causing problems for hundreds of visiting patients as, according to information, nearly 5000 patients visit the OPDs daily.

According to YDA representatives, a meeting was held with the Executive Director of PIMS Dr. Riaz Warraich but it did not prove to be fruitful as the ED failed to give any assurance for taking practical steps.

The doctors said that they do not need verbal assurances but practical steps and demand foolproof security of duty doctors.

They also added that they want registration of FIR against Rasheed and brother of Dr. Shaheena Jamil and immediate closure of courtesy center of the hospital.

On Thursday a scuffle had occurred between the doctors and the security guard of a VIP patient after that the doctors had withdrawn their services from emergency for two hours and announced strike. According to them Dr. Ali and Dr. Abdul Razzaq had asked the driver to remove his vehicle from in front of the emergency ward.

The driver and guard refused to oblige and started arguing and roughed up Dr Razzaq. And when the YDA representatives asked the guard to apologize, they instead of apologizing turned violent along with his colleagues that led to a scuffle.