Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan reacting to the Prime Minister’s address to the nation has said the PM should also have expressed resolve to take concrete measures against those involved in Rental Power Projects and other corruptions.

A day earlier the PM addressing to the nation announced to take strict measures against those who were involved in taking money from the ISI in 1990 general elections as per the direction of the Supreme Court.

Talking to public delegations issued here at Mansoora on Saturday, he said the Prime Minister should also have announced to take action against those who looted the national exchequer and deposited in the Swiss banks. “The PM should have announced to bring the national wealth back to the national exchequer,” he added.

He recalled that the PM himself had been facing corruption charges and the Supreme Court had issued orders to block his three accounts in different banks. “The PPP led government has been openly flouting apex court orders for four years but the PM seems least bothered about it,” he added.

He further recalled that the apex court, in Dual Office Case against the President, had ordered that it was against the law and constitution but the President did not abide by the orders.

He was of the view that the government seemed to have adopted tactics to delay the general elections. “One of the objectives behind Malala attack is to destroy the election atmosphere in the country. The government also wants to launch military operation in North Waziristan,” he added.

He warned the rulers that if it delayed the general elections the nation would not tolerate it and would come to street.