RAWALPINDI  – Rawalpindi police arrested 28 outlaws and recovered drugs, weapons, bottle of liquor and stolen mobile from their possession.

According to police spokesman, Pirwadhi police held Muhammad Shah and recovered 630 gram charas from his possession while Rata Amral police nabbed Mehboob and recovered 110 gram charas from him. Waris Khan police held Liaquat and recovered same quantity of charas from his custody.

Rawat police arrested Saqib and recovered 115-gram charas from him. Murree police recovered 105-gram charas from Habeeb.

Bani police arrested Israr and recovered a bottle of liquor from him. Cantt police held Mukhtair and recovered three bottles of liquor from him.   

Jatli police arrested Abdul Hassan and recovered 4 bottle of liquor from him.

Rawat police held Shakil and recovered two bottles of liquor from him. Civil Lines police arrested Waseem and recovered a pistol 30-bore along four round from him.

Kalar Syedan police recovered a pistol 30 bore from Khan Nisar. Kahuta police held Ghulam Murtaza and recovered two shotguns along two round from him.Pirwadhi police arrested Farqan and recovered Rs 18,000 and mobile phone from his possession.

Police have registered separate cases against all of them and started investigation.