After many years of speculating on how to capture the large number of tax evaders FBR has finally come up with a new scheme to capture them. Pakistan is the 6th most populous country in the world, with an estimated population of 190, out of which the FBR collects taxes from only 0.5%. Now the FBR wants to offer a tax amnesty scheme to all the tax dodgers and is threatening to blockage their CNIC and passport, as well as all bank balance, thus effectively canceling their citizenship. Which seems like a very bold move to increase the number of taxpayers, unfortunately it is the only move FBR has been able to come up with in the past four years, therefore we the taxpayers should be supportive.

Although I would like to request one addition to balance this act, and that is to offer a special “Lifetime Tax Free” amnesty scheme to the 0.5% Pakistani taxpayers, who have been gracious enough to pay taxes for the past 65 year. If you are going to offer amnesties to crooks, then the FBR should also offer amnesties to the honest citizens.


Peshawar, October 14.