KARACHI - At least two dozen security personnel were gunned down in last couple of months in the areas dominated by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in recent past.Frequent incidents of security personnel target killing and bank robberies in the metropolis indicate surge in TTP influence in the metropolis. Statistics of the reported incidents of target killing reveal that some two dozen security personnel have been targeted in the city within few months.Security personnel were targeted including police, rangers and personnel of Frontier Constabulary (FC). On Thursday, at least five security personnel and two informers were gunned down in different targeted attacks on security personnel in different areas but the areas where incidents took place were recently controlled by TTP operatives. Police official who whished to be anonymous told that preliminary investigation point out that the culprits involved in the target killing of cops or in bank robberies were Pushtoons and their looks indicate their affiliation with extremist outfits. The police stations including Pirabad, Mangopir, Shahrah-e-Noorjahan and Sohrab Goth were most prominent areas dominated by TTP where at least two dozen security personnel two Rangers personnel, an FC man and a CID official have been shot dead in last couple of months. It is pertinent to mention here that the above said police stations cover the major Pushtoon belt from Sohrab Goth to Banaras. Police official wished to be anonymous told that there are number of areas dominated by TTP where TTP operatives do not allow policemen neither patrolling or for any other thing. Police official said that number police personnel were gunned down while roaming in Kanwari Colony, Pukhtoonabad and Afghan Camp and other TTP dominated areas. He said that we have informed high ups ahead of the law and order situation and domination of TTP but high ups have yet to chalk out the counter strategy. He said that strength of a police station is not enough to go after the TTP operatives but TTP had strength to attack all west zone police stations any time. Police inspector of a west zone police station said that crime rate is declining as TTP managed to flash out Awami National Party (ANP) in various areas of the metropolis.He said that TTP Karachi chapter is looking after all the major and minor issues and problems of their areas and resolve the issues with their traditional style of jirga. They also assure the residents and businessmen for safety. TTP promised for the security and batter law and order situation and charged nominal amount against the facility in accordance with the worth of businesses and property. ANP President District Central Niaz Khan got registered an FIR in Shahrah-e-Noorjahan police station and nominated TTP demanding Rs 60 million protection money and warned to stay out of ANP.It is worth mentioning here majority of ANP workers have also joined hands with TTP while rest of them are hiding after the threats given by TTP ahead of the removal of ANP from Karachi.