KARACHI - A private news channel reported that a child was born on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK 782 coming from Toronto, Canada. But, another channel contradicted it, citing a PIA spokesperson as denying the report.

Reportedly, the flight landed at Karachi Jinnah Airport at 4:05pm and the mum was unwell. “A medical team is already present at the airport. Women who are in their 25th to 32nd weeks of pregnancy require a medical certificate from their doctor stating that they are fit to travel according to Article 7.4.1 of PIA’s guidelines. In addition, they require prior clearance from PIA’s medical department for travel after the 32nd week of pregnancy,” it was reported.

However, the other channel cited PIA spokesperson Mashhood Tajwar as calling the childbirth at plane ‘preposterous and unfounded’.

“The news was given enough airtime without even fulfilling the journalistic standards of necessary verification and reaching the parties involved,” Tajwar said.

“It is extremely unethical on part of media organisations that they caused a great stir with the fabricated news story, which was then suddenly disappeared from the television screens without any formal acceptance of omission. These media organisations were not bothered to even publish the rebuttal of the main party involved i.e. the PIA.”