LAHORE - The First Biennial International Conference on cardiac pacing, clinical electro-physiology and PIC heart talk 2013 is about to be organised by the PIC in collaboration with Pakistan Heart Rhythm Society to review the important cardiac aspects in Pakistan. Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) Chief Executive Prof Bilal Zakariah Khan said this on three days conference to be commenced from October 24. He said eminent cardiologists and electro-physiologists from different parts of the world would attend the conference.  Prof Bilal said the conference would enjoy support of various international and national societies.

He said the lectures would be delivered by eminent cardiologists including Masood Akhtar, Imran Niazi, Khalil ullah, Kamal kumar Sethi, Mohan Nair, J S Gill, Amir Aziz and Dr Fauzia. "The theme of the conference is to develop the field of cardiac pacing and clinical electro-physiology in the region. There are special sessions on ECG, invasive cardiology, cardiac imaging, emergency cardiac management and ECG manifestation. It will be a wonderful opportunity for the emerging cardiologists and electro-physiologists to meet the leading experts in the field," he maintained.

MS summoned over negligence

Taking notice of doctors leaving towel in the abdomen of a woman during surgery, the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has summoned medical superintendent of Government Said Mitha Hospital with patient's file.  Sana Shahid, 32, was operated at Said Mitha Hospital about 14 months back. Owing to hurry, doctors left a towel in her abdomen. The mistake caused unbearable pain to woman for over a year. When her pain was unbearable, she was rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital she got diagnosed treatment. During this diagnosing process, the ultrasound detected a towel in the abdomen. The doctors took out towel by carrying out surgery at the Mayo Hospital. Now the doctors say that the life of Sana Shahid was out of danger.