PMN-L government is promoting and encouraging coal fired power plants. The existing thermal power plants using gas and furnace oil are also converting to coal. The Federal government in partnership with Balochistan provincial government has decided to set up a coal plant power plant at Gaddani of 300-600 mw capacity based upon imported coal. The reason given by the government to use coal is to produce kwh at lower cost than by using gas or furnace oil.

The pertinent question is what will happen if the coal prices are increased by foreign suppliers due to increase of demand of coal. The other very worrisome aspect of coal fired power plant ignored by government is for example a 500 mw coal fired power plant emits 10,000 tons sulfur dioxide which causes acid rain, 10,200 tons nitrogen dioxide which causes smog and acid rain. It also produces 3,700,000 tons of carbon dioxide which is suspected of causing global warming by world environmentalists and scientists. I would like to ask the government why it is not investing and encouraging solar, wind and hydel projects? The latest studies prove that the coal fired power plants also produce more radioactive radiation than nuclear plants.


Lahore, October 14.