RAWALPINDI - The Potohar Town Municipal Administration (PTMA) has failed to dispose of animals waste properly as its sanitary workers have thrown entrails of sacrificial animals uncovered that too in the midst of residential areas and in the seasonal local nullahs posing serious health hazards and civic problems.

Such highly random throwing of animals waste can cause outbreak of infectious diseases anytime in the overcrowded residential areas and pollute the water of nullahs that flow in many towns and is used for irrigation purposes especially in villages.

People have complained about this kind of disposal of offals, intestines and other waste of sacrificial animals in the midst of residential areas and demanded of Commissioner Rawalpindi Division Khalid Masood Chaudhry to take action against the PTMA high-ups and sanitary workers.

On the other hand, the sanitation and cleanliness situation was a lot better in residential areas of Rawal Town Municipal Administration (RTMA), Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) and Cantt Cantonment Board (CCB) sanitary workers of which have dumped the animal waste at Losar and other designated places.

A visit, paid by this scribe on Saturday in many areas of PTMA, revealed that sanitary workers of the civic body did not bother to clean the areas of scattered entrails of the sacrificial animals, which were still lying along the main roads, streets and sewerages.

Likewise, in far-flung areas, offals and other animals waste remained unattended in open grounds. In some brazen incidents, the stray dogs and scavenger birds were found tearing up and devouring upon these openly thrown pieces of offals and other parts of animal waste, creating serious health and civic problems.

Moreover, the trucks of PTMA were seen offloading the entrails of sacrificial animals at a seasonal nullah located at Kalyal-Dhamial Road and on the bridge, creating troubles for motorists and residents living along the bank of the seasonal nullah.

Though the management before the Eid-ul-Azha had divided the town into zones for effective implementation of the action plan, especially prepared for cleanliness, but all appeared paper work.

To keep the town areas clean and remove remains of the sacrificial animals cancellation of leaves of the sanitation staff was announced to work round-the-clock in three shifts. But nothing such happened as, according to sources, a large number of sanitary workers enjoyed holidays.

An Air Force officer in Sher Zaman Colony, while talking to this scribe, said that improper disposal of offals and wastes in nullahs was not only polluting the environment but also disturbing the aerial traffic in the airspace near Qasim Aviation Base.

"We have been pinning great hopes to PTMA on this Eid but they had badly failed in cleaning the area," said Afaq Khan, a local in Kalyal.

Raja Amir, a resident of Tarbeela Colony from the seasonal nullah passes through, said that the management has failed to dispose of the intestines, offal and carcasses of sacrificial animals and dumped it in nullah. He said that the lives of our animals have been put on risk as cattle used to drink the water of the nullah.

The area residents also demanded extensive insecticide fumigation and aroma spray in residential areas to prevent the outbreak of contagious diseases and improve the civic and sanitation situation.

Commissioner Rawalpindi Division, District Coordination Officer (DCO) and Tehsil Municipal Officer (TMO) could not be approached immediately for their official versions.