JAIPUR, INDIA-An elephant has been fitted with a pair of faded jeans, plaid shirt and face paints as part of a promo video for Levi sub-brand Denizen.

A video posted to YouTube sees Lorena Garal and Nawed Kahn travel to Jaipur, India in the hope of winning the city’s annual elephant beauty pageant.

What looks to be an innocent feel good video takes a turn for the corporate as a close-up of the elephant’s back jean pocket is show with the brand logo – with Denizen being a low-cost denim company under the Levi Strauss & Co. umbrella. The elephant is unmoved by his new hip get-up, as are the judges it would seem who do not declare it the winner of the competition.

This may be down to the fact the other elephants are decked in wild neon and the jean-shilling elephant looks like it has just rolled out of a Starbucks.

Last curious titbit from this video: Denizen will apparently be bringing out an ‘Elephant Pageant Edition’ range of jeans – maybe lowering customers self-esteem is a new sales strategy?