LAHORE  - Rescuers and lawmen succeeded in pulling down an angry man from an electric pylon hours after he climbed over to protest against police.

The cops put the man, identified as Shabbir Multani, behind the bars after registering a case against him on the charge of attempt to commit suicide.

The resident of Dubinpura in Sabzazar told reporters that he was deprived of Rs150,000 by real estate agent Rana Shabbir as he wanted to purchase of a plot on Raiwind Road in advance. The man then went to the Sabzazar police station and filed an application for registration of a fraud case against the dealer but the police did not pay heed to his repeated requests.

On Saturday, the man got disillusioned and climbed up the pole, urging the police high-ups to help him get back the money. A number of policemen also reached the spot and tried to convince the angry man but to no avail.

A large crowd and media persons also gathered on the spot. The man insisted that he would not come down from the pole until the payment is made.

Meanwhile, senior police officers reached the spot and managed to pull down the man with the help of rescuers after assuring him of providing him with justice. But, police arrested him as he came down. He is in lockup as police have registered a case. According to police, they have launched an investigation into the matter.