The age old adage, 'justice should not only be done but also seen being done' is very true and the same stands for the governance which should not only be done but also seen being done. Every government issues rhetorical statements about its achievements and the opposition refutes their claims. It is the public which is the best and the ultimate judge, May 2013 elections being a glaring example of the same.

There are few things in Pakistan that don't need foreign aid to help them improve. Beggary, for example, is one menace that can be eradicated with planning and determination but the market places and signal crossing stay infested with gangs of beggars which bring nothing but utter shame. They are also a traffic hazard. If this 'profession' is declared illegal and all these 'destitute' are placed, fed and reformed in official custody with the help of Zakat money, things can definitely improve.

Economy is in a shambles and under the circumstances, a quick turnaround is nowhere in sight but at least a direction can be set. Misuse of public money can be curtailed by taking stringent measures as far as perks and privileges to politicians and bureaucracy are concerned. Official cars bearing green license plates can be quoted as an example as they are seen plying everywhere other than where they are meant to be. They are there at schools to transport the kids of the officers, at the shopping areas with their spouses and at the restaurants in the evenings for family dinner outings. These vehicles are public property and the chauffeur remunerations and fuel bills are paid through the tax payers' money. Why a strict check can’t be kept on the movement of these vehicles or they are withdrawn from the public servants? I am sure a lot of money will be saved by this exercise.

Cleanliness is another issue. Take a tour of any town and you can see mounds of rubbish littered everywhere, giving an ugly look to the place. It only requires manpower to keep the place clean and we are more than self-sufficient in that commodity. Only a good and workable planning is needed, no cash from the international donor agencies. These are small things which can be done with little money and sincere effort but the results will change the looks of our country and governance will be seen being done. It will also set a direction for achieving tougher goals which at present seem elusive.


Lahore, September 27.