It's one thing to be childishly naïve, but it is another thing entirely to display the obstinately foolish behavior that PTI is displaying in the governance and management of their own affairs in KPK. The fact that Imran Khan and his party still deny what’s staring them in the face and instead once again, blame the attack on “foreign powers” is vexatious to the extreme. People are suffering at the hands of terrorism in KPK, and the provincial government actually has the gall to push for peace talks with the perpetrators. Even if one ignores the national security risk and the countless lives lost, the PTI seriously needs to also consider some self-preservation measures as well. Clearly, the bull’s eye on the back of every lawmaker is not removed just by pledging unconditional support for peace talks.

Even if we move to a parallel universe where “foreign powers” are behind the attacks, calling them out would not have made them hang their heads in shame and walk away. The ‘chance’ that Imran Khan was so insistent on being given in these elections is not really being properly utilized. PTI needs to remember that they are the ones in power, and just playing the blame game like a traditional opposition is not really in their job description.  Khan’s ad nauseam argument for supporting the peace talks gets more and more flimsy each time another victim is claimed in KPK, and it almost seems as if the terrorists themselves do not agree with the words of PTI. So the question then arises as to who the government wants to talk to. If they talk to specific factions and splinter groups, peace will not be achieved because there will still be terrorists who wreak havoc on the country. And if the government is attempting to talk to every single terrorist that ever held a gun in this country, clearly the talks are falling on deaf ears.

Policy-making for security does not seem to be a forte of PTI, but maybe someone needs to discretely tell them that a government cannot pick and choose a few random dilemmas of the people to solve. Working on educating and empowering the masses gets kind of redundant when there are no masses left to help. Stuttered apologies and outraged expressions do not comfort those who have lost loved ones, nor do excuses work for the dead. When will Imran Khan see reason?