LAHORE  - Renowned singer Zubaida Khanum passed away in Lahore on Saturday night. Her funeral will be held at Westwood Colony Raiwind Road on Sunday (today).

Zubaida Khanum was introduced in film Billo by Baba Chishti in 1951 and got breakthrough from famous film Shehri Babu in 1953.

She sung lot of super hit songs in films during her short but valuable stay in the industry. Zubaida Khanum's Pinjabi songs are still very popular since she is known as an evergreen singer, and would remain so.

Legend Zubaida Khanum also sang popular naat 'Shah-e-Madina' decades ago.

Zubaida excelled singing for Punjabi and Urdu films. Composers like Rashid Attre, Safdar, Saleem Iqbal and Chishti were definitely in the forefront for giving the best of Zubaida Khanum in films like Saat Lakh, Hameeda, Sarfrosh, Hatim, Yakey Wali, Sheikh Chilli, Mukhra, Naji, Kartar Singh and even all-time box office disaster Jatti where she sang the ultimate tragic song 'Meri Chunni Diaan Reshmi', filmed on Musarrat Nazir and bringing many men and women to tears.