Rawalpindi - Police in its drive against anti-social elements have arrested 16 lawbreakers including five gamblers and recovered 10 litres wine, three 30-bore pistols with nine rounds, one 9mm pistol with seven rounds, one 12-bore repeater with six rounds and fireworks items from the possession of the arrested accused.

According to Rawalpindi police spokesman, Sadiqabad police held Ubaid for having five litres wine while five litres wine was also recovered from Heri Sun. Waseem, Shoukat, Junaid, Ashraf and Afzal were sent behind the bars for having illegal weapons. Ratta Amral and Bunni police conducted raids and arrested Ibrar, Shahzad and Sadam for possessing fireworks items.

Meanwhile, Ratta Amral police on receiving information raided in Milad Nagar area and netted five persons namely Shafique, Manan, Sardar, Mukamal Shah and Liaquat who were allegedly involved in betting while playing cards. Police recovered Rs 29,870 cash stake money and three mobile phones.

, one motorcycle and other items.