LAHORE - Speakers at a seminar have stressed the need for making sincere efforts for improving internal political and economic situation, strengthening of institutions and aggressive diplomacy for enabling Pakistan to face serious external challenges.

Speaking at a seminar on “Pakistan’s present political situation and the Indian aggression” at Tech Society Club on Sunday, they said that India was increasing pressure on Pakistan already facing serious internal and external challenges to fulfill her nefarious designs.

Former director Mass Communication, Punjab University, Dr Mughees-ud-Din Sheikh stressed the need for bringing own house in order for safeguarding ideological and geographical boundaries of Pakistan. He said that the political parties were not observing democratic principles. He stressed the need for mobilising youth and taking them into confidence regarding prevailing situation and possible solution of problems.

Political Analyst Salman Abid said that India was exerting extra pressure from both Afghanistan and Kashmir to complicate the situation in Pakistan already facing internal and external challenges. He said that big powers were siding with India due to her big market and economy. He lamented that Pakistan was lagging far behind India on diplomatic front. He said that political instability, weak economy and absence of real democracy were major problems needing urgent attention.

Former Minister of State Qayyum Nizami said that the Indian PM was anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan. He said that nuclear bomb was an effective deterrence against Indian aggression. “Diplomatic channels should be used to resolve disputes with India”, he said, adding, economic and political stability was essential and real weapon against Indian attacks.

Dr Sadiq Zubair, Sheikh, Jameel Gishkori, Muhammad Yaqoob and Muhammad Zubair also spoke on the occasion.