New York: The actress stars alongside the US star in hit TV series Homeland. After the shock of the series three finale, when lead character Body - played by Damian Lewis - was killed off, many fans were unsure how the show would continue. But Nazanin believes they won't be disappointed.  "We love Damian Lewis dearly and he is missed," she told British magazine Grazia. "But the writers are geniuses in reinvention and they've done a spectacular job of having Carrie [Claire's character] really carry the show on her shoulders. Claire is incredibly talented. [She] is brilliant and I'm honoured to call her a friend." Nazanin plays Muslim CIA analyst Fara Sherazi in the show. The 34-year-old sees the character as a dream role.–BFT

"Fara is a groundbreaking character," she said. "She's a Muslim who isn't portrayed as a good or a bad guy [which is great] because you see Muslim characters vilified on TV all the time. You'll see a whole new side to Fara [in series four]. She's now undercover and a core part of Carrie's team. Fara has a conscience of the group and has a naivety that's refreshing, whereas Carrie and Quinn [played by Rupert Friend] are very tunnel-visioned in getting the mission done."

Working so closely together on location means the acors have a great relationship off camera.

"Rupert is a bit of a goofball," she revealed. "Life of Pi's Suraj Sharma has joined the cast and is the nicest guy. He is spectacular this season. I want to adopt him as my little brother."