KHYBER AGENCY - The government through pamphlets has asked militants and anti social elements in Khyber Agency to surrender to security forces warning them of strict action in case of non-compliance.

The pamphlets asking militants to shun militancy were thrown from helicopters in Jamrud and Bara areas here on Sunday morning, official and local sources said. They carried phone numbers to establish contact for those willing to respectfully lay down their weapons.

The pamphlets also read that the anti social elements and militants have earned a bad name for the Khyber Agency and they have made the area a hub for criminal activities like kidnapping for ransom and killing innocent people.

The militants were advised to contact the political administration, tribal elders or security forces through the given phone numbers to give up their malpractices so that durable peace could be established. They were warned that in case of failure to lay down arms, strict action would be taken against them and the area would be cleared of them so that the peace loving tribesmen of Khyber Agency could live a respectable life.

Private TV channels also reported that the militants have been given a dead line of 36 hours to surrender. The forces urged general public and peaceful elders of Khyber Agency to come forward to support the security forces and the government to eliminate militant fiefdoms.


INP adds: In Khyber Agency, operation Khyber-I successfully continued for the third consecutive day on Sunday.

According to security forces, thirty-seven militants have been killed while fifty including important commanders surrendered to the security forces.

On the other hand, people are shifting to safer places through Ali Masjid and Orakzai points. The security forces have established a registration point at Orakzai near Tirah Valley. Over 365 families have migrated through Ali Masjid route.