Karachi- Mastermind of robbery at Edhi center has been identified.

The probe team has started the investigation of the Edhi centre robbery in which robbers fled with millions of rupees worth of cash and jewellery in Kharadar area of Karachi. Investigative sources have said that the fingerprints, found from the crime scene, have been taken for investigation whereas the CCTV cameras of the nearby banks will also help in the arrest of the suspects.

The police has identified the main culprit of the robbery who had been meeting with Abdul Sattar Edhi since few months. The probe teams have disclosed that the robbers knew that foreign currency and jewellery were present in the Edhi centre as well.

Police has raided his house and other places to arrest the mastermind. Armed men stormed into Edhi centre in Kharadar and fled with millions of rupees and gold after making renowned social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi and the staff hostage on Sunday. The documents of the Edhi centre staff has also been taken for investigation as well.