Karachi- Sindh’s Information Minister Sharjeel Memon today said that mischief should not be created out of someone’s statements, adding that MQM should review impulsive decisions.

Talking to journalists he said it is unfortunate that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto’s ‘message of love’ was misunderstood. He hoped that MQM would not take an impulsive decision.

Addressing a press conference after midnight, Memon said that the government was not functioning through the support of crutches, adding that they were silent only because of the policy of ‘reconciliation’.

He said no one should be under the impression that PPP doesn’t have answer. He said that Pakistan was the identity of every Pakistani. Sharjeel Memon said that there should be no politicking over the issues faced by the country. He said Khursheed Shah has already offered unconditional apology and explanation over his slur about ‘Muhajir’ community. Memon said that the land of Sindh was like mother and that they will not let it be divided.