PM Nawaz Sharif feeble stance, on recent volatile issues encompassing the devastating floods and protests have reinforced Nawaz’ inadequate disposition. Modi was right to flag the ‘changing times.’ India and Pakistan comprised of the same people, which were divided into two nations, which embarked on a similar journey. Due to better policies and nationalism India rapidly developed in economic, financial and technological hubs following China closely. Soon, renowned world leaders were lunging themselves at the first available opportunity to enter into commercial transactions with what is now the West’s new best friend.

While Pakistan has been shorn of, of its huge assets and natural resources, has become indebted to IMF and our souls have been sold cheap. Under the long period of continued terrorism and lack of electricity its defenses have been weakened. The country is not in a position to pick fights or demonstrate its strength to India, after several days of clashes in the Himalayan region of Kashmir. Pakistan needs to exercise caution and prudence and deal with the matter in the way where Pakistani’s are not left to pick up the pieces of bad governance and decision making.


United Kingdom, October 12.