The Law Minister of Punjab Rana Sanaullah gave a factual statement on a TV channel recently that level of corruption in Sindh was 85% while 15% was in rest of the country.

I would like to corroborate the above statement from a personal experience decades ago when Karachi was capital of Pakistan. While visiting the former consulting Engineer of Federal Govt. in Karachi I witnessed the former Chief Engineer of West Pakistan Mr. N.M. Khan delivering a harangue of abuses to a X.E.N. of Sindh who listened stoically to the remarks of angry Chief Engineer of West Pakistan who was a very able administrator. When they left the office of Eng. Tajamal Hussain Hashmi. I enquired from Eng. Tajamal why the Chief Engineer was so angry? He said that the concerned X.E.N. had devoured 30 miles of road built from Karachi to Lasbela claiming wrongly that he had built the road but sand had shifted on the road which could not be traced now.

So this was the level of corruption in Sindh which must have mushroomed now over a period of several decades that would justify the statement of Rana Sanaullah Khan.


Lahore, September 10.