By now, you probably already know about the most recent social media sensation: the chaye wala from Islamabad whose picture is making rounds on internet. The picture that went viral after it was uploaded on Instagram has taken internet by storm. According to a Buzzfeed article, the photographer who took the photo on a casual photo walk in Islamabad had no idea what she was in for. The first two shots she took show him face down, preparing tea. The viral shot, however, was captured when he lifted his head to look at her.

The guy with sea green eyes has become the national crush overnight, sending internet users into a frenzy. According to the Buzzfeed article, he has been top-trending on Pakistani Twitter. Every one is obsessed about his effortless looks and striking features. Some have commented that at first they thought he was a professional model posing as a chaye wala .

Girls are going crazy for him. The photo has been shared by many pages. Phrases like hot chaye wala , pyara chaye wala , hotter than summer, my new crush, model looks, the undiscovered gem, Lord’s favor, and heaven on earth can be seen all over the internet.  And the comments comparing him with the chaye wala across the border are simply hilarious. Some are saying that with his looks, he can easily give established celebrities a run for their money. I know it is a little too much, but someone even playfully tweeted that this the moment when you realize your degree from Melbourne is a total hogwash considering the number of girls this guy is wooing.

The deluge of comments about his physical appearance is testament to the fact that our society values appearance over talent. I'm not saying this guy cannot be talented. For all I know, he could be more talented than our showbiz icons, but has anyone paid any attention to that? Does anyone care about his dreams and aspirations? Has anyone bothered to learn about his childhood and struggles? Does anyone care about what really ticks him.

Maybe it's time we revisit the basics of beauty and remember that beauty is soul deep, not skin deep. There is so much more to a person than flesh. Reducing someone to mere physical appearance, we are neglecting the most important thing: the human inside him.

For many of us, chaiye wala will be reduced to the book with catchy cover: The book we will never get around to opening, the book that will sit on our book shelf and gather dust after gaining initial interest. He will be reduced to the medal we like hanging on our wall, the feather in our cap, the trophy on our mantle.

For those leaving over-the-top comments on his picture, I have one question. Is he someone you would want to marry or even introduce to your friends? If not, something needs to change.

It is time to show some real support for this guy. Support that matters. Support that could turn his life around. There is an entire community of people like him: young, smart, and ambitious but living in abject poverty, having no means to make ends meet or follow dreams.

There is nothing wrong with admiring good looks but by just commenting about his looks, we are doing nothing to ease his misery or change his life. If we really appreciate him, why not show appreciation by supporting him, by doing something will change his life. Viral content comes and goes. It gets forgotten. It does not change someone’s course of life.