KAMALIA-Private laboratories are violating the rules set by the Health Department for carrying out medical tests and fleecing the patients with cahoots of doctors.

As per the rules, only a pathologist can carry out medical tests but most of the lab operators in Kamalia are violating the rules and unaware of the medical safety procedures.

Many of the private laboratory operators pretend to be qualified pathologists and charge huge sums from the patients for tests. The local doctors are in cahoots with the lab owners and send patients to their laboratories by name and receive gifts and commission in return from the owners.

The local people said that most of time, the reports of tests conducted by different labs vary. “The Health Department has turned a blind eye to the issue, they said. They demanded that the authorities concerned, the media and the civil society should play their role in this regard. The citizens demanded strict legal action against these laboratory operators and their owners.