Karachi - Provincial Minister Manzoor Hussain Wasan on Wednesday said that neither there was any chance of Sindh governor joining Pakistan People’s Party nor would he be leaving governorship before 2018.

Talking to media at his office, Wasan said there was something fishy with respect to a sudden barrage of statements against the Sindh governor. “Mustafa Kamal’s statements may be part of an agenda,” he speculated.

He said that MQM London and Pakistan are not separate entities, and in future both of them would work together.

“There is a need to keep an eye on their activities in order to gauge their collaboration with each other,” he said, and added, “PPP has vowed to serve the people of Karachi and will become a major stakeholder in the city’s politics by 2018 elections.”

“Several high-profile figures will join PPP in November and December, and these two to four months are important for the party, as it will take the party to the position where it would lead the political scenario of Karachi,” he predicted. He boasted the party had been left with few vacancies due to large number of people aspiring to become its members.

He further said that he did not see early elections in the country. “The polls will be held in 2018 at their due time,” he predicted.

He further said that it was to everybody’s knowledge who was ruling the country at the time of October 18 and December 27 blasts. “Investigations should be initiated against these people,” he demanded.

He added that his prediction that Imran Khan would change date of his siege of Islamabad had proved right and he had done a right thing by changing the date.