Islamabad-If one googles Argentina Park, it will not appear on Buenos Aires landscape because it’s located in sector G-6 of Islamabad and not in Argentina.

To make its presence felt, Ivan Ivanissevich, somewhat newly arrived Ambassador of Argentina in Pakistan, managed to gather quite a few diplomats in attendance on a bright crisp Wednesday morning to participate in a Flower Offering Ceremony dedicated to Argentina-Pakistan Friendship at the very Argentina Park. It was also to celebrate 65 years of diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

The Park came out of the wilderness not long ago, making headlines in the print and electronic media as it is adjacent to the famous Islamabad Polyclinic Hospital and negotiations had been under way for long with the Argentina embassy to acquire the park for an extension program of Polyclinic Hospital. The Federal Ministry of CADD is in process of acquiring Argentina Park to construct over their multi-storey building to meet the requirements of a Postgraduate reaching hospital. 

Interestingly enough, in Buenos Aires stands a “The Plaza de Pakistan” a landmark located in the heart of the city in an urban park covering an area of over 900 acres. It was redesigned in 2012 with support of Pakistan’s embassy in Argentina and inaugurated by the then Pakistan’s Ambassador to Argentina, Naela Chohan. It also carries a plaque with an engraving of a verse by Allama Iqbal, emphasizing the importance of love and humanity. Adjacent to the park is not a hospital but one of the most famous and prominent horse racing venues of the country with a 2400-meter track.

The landmark Plaza de Pakistan in Buenos Aries too signifies the friendship bond and the time-weathered diplomatic relationship between the two countries. It is a reciprocal gesture as seen from a diplomatic mindset to commemorate Argentine-Pakistan friendship.

—The writer is a freelance contributor