MULTAN/Lahore - The November 2 is weeks away, but the political heat is already alarmingly high with government expressing its determination to keep the capital open and running, and PTI warning against efforts to stop their march through underhand tactics.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan yesterday said the rulers would be responsible for any clash if Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf workers, who were determined to go to the capital, were barred from reaching there.

“I am telling the police and administration clearly that any crackdown or arrests will be unconstitutional. We were not prepared at the time of the 2014 sit-in, but now we’re fully prepared and will remove all obstacles,” he warned the government while addressing lawyers at the High Court Bar Hall in Multan. Later, he also addressed a workers’ convention.

Imran said he and his party stood by the lawyers during the movement for the restoration of the judiciary and now it was their turn to reciprocate. “Now, I ask you to support me!” he said to the black coats.

The PTI chairman said the corrupt elements stood by Nawaz Sharif to conceal their own corruption. “It is our democratic and constitutional right to demand accountability of the corrupt rulers. No one has the right to deprive us of this right.”

He said Pakistan was at a very critical stage; the prime minister neither gave any answer nor did he resign even after the lapse of seven months, which was illegal.

“What should be done if the prime minister of a democratic country is found involved in the theft of billions of rupees, but he neither resigns nor does he present himself for accountability?” he posed a question.

He said how a PM could act against other corrupt elements like Zardari when he himself was the biggest of the culprits.

Imran said he had come to Multan to invite all to Islamabad on November 2 as it was a fight for the future of the country.

He lashed out at FIA and NAB saying both the institutions had failed to discharge their national obligations.

PTI chief said, “We are not causing any harm to CPEC... All the people of Pakistan are in favour of CPEC. But the rulers kept on hiding CPEC (details) for three years (causing delay).”

On the other hand, Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid accused Imran Khan of planning to create instability and unrest in the federal capital on Nov 2 through use of certain organisations.

Talking to media yesterday in Islamabad, he said the government had made every arrangement to keep the city open and running with normal activity on that day.

He said that PTI chief was a man of undemocratic thinking who was ignoring the various lawful platforms available in the country he could approach for addressing his complaints and demands.

Pervaiz said that prime minister was not running away from what Imran Khan demanded and he would explain his position on the allegations levelled on him before the Supreme Court and other relevant national institutions. He advised Imran Khan to shun dharna politics.

The minister said that Imran has become frustrated after many setbacks in elections and the political field and they had information that he has now approached the organisations which are known for creating unrest and chaos.

He claimed that persons of such organisations are being led to Islamabad carrying PTI flags in their hand. He warned that the law will strictly take its course if any attempt is made to block the city by any way.

Earlier on Tuesday, Defence Minister Khawaja Asif also claimed that students of seminaries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were providing foot soldiers for PTI’s Islamabad shutdown plan.

“Madrassas funded by the K-P government are paying back & providing foot soldiers for PTI’s attempt to take over Islamabad on November 2,” the minister said in a tweet.

In provincial budget this year, the PTI-led government in KP had set aside Rs300 million for religious seminary Darul Uloom Haqqania. Responding to criticism, Imran had said it was intended to help the students assimilate in the society and keep them away from radicalisation.