Technology is considered to be a great source of progress in education, communication, construction, among other sectors. In regards to students, the use of technology can assist them in increasing their knowledge, that is, if it is used wisely. On the flip side, an overuse or over-reliance on technology can also prove to be hazardous. It limits one’s creativity and thinking faculty. Recently, an article in New York Times argued that an increased amount of texting and playing online games has a negative impact on the attention of the students. Those who indulge in these activities unchecked, suffer in regards to their studies. Students also experience a delay in the submission of their assignments and often resort to cheating during exams. It is also argued that the use of computers in the classroom does not improve learning, and students end up wasting their time.

Once, a school teacher shared that if a student of less than 20 years of age indulges in an overuse of technology, it can cause damage to the brain cells. It also causes mental issues in younger children.

The internet also assists in plagiarism; which in turn, hinders the thinking capacity of the students. Technology is certainly a blessing, but one should maintain a check on its use.


Turbat, September 22.