LAHORE - Lawyers including two office-bearers of the Lahore High Court Bar Association yesterday helped two murder suspects escape arrest after their pre-arrest bail was dismissed by the court.

The lawyers not only protected their clients-cum-suspects from getting into the police custody but also manhandled the cops.

The bail matter of murder accused Fayaz Ahmad and Shehram were heard and dismissed by Justice Shahbaz Ali Rizvi.

LHCBA Vice President Sardar Shahbaz, Finance Secretary Asad Bokhari and Advocate Allah Bakhsh Shakeel were in the front to resist police personnel from arresting the suspects, say the eye-witnesses.

The advocates took their clients to “Committee Room” of the bar where they managed them to flee after sometime.

The bar’s leaders, when asked by media, said there was a directive issued by the high court in 2014 restraining police and other law enforcement agencies from arresting the accused persons within the court premises. They denied to have committed any violation of the law but implemented the court directive.