ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority yesterday imposed a complete ban on telecast of Indian contents on Satellite television channels and FM radios.

The 120th meeting of PEMRA Authority was held here under the chair of Chairman PEMRA Absar Alam and decided to ban airing of Indian contents from October 21. It also decided to suspend the licences of those TV channels and FM radio stations without issue any show cause notice, which will violate the ban. The Authority moved a summary to the federal government to take decision regarding ban on Indian contents on satellite TV channels and FM radio stations. The government delegated the powers to PEMRA Authority to take decision itself in this regard.

The PEMRA exercised special powers and annulled the former dictator Pervez Musharraf’s policy and imposed ban on airing Indian contents. Musharraf officially allowed airing the Indian contents on Pakistani TV channels and FM radio stations and then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz also endorsed the dictator’s policy.

The meeting was also informed about the completion of first phase of crackdown on illegal Indian DTH successfully. The PEMRA also thanked the federal government and provincial governments, cable operators, national institutions and general public for corporation with PEMAR teams during such operations.

The PEMRA started the first phase of crackdown against illegal Indian Direct to Home (DTH) on October 15 and its teams  carried raids across the country and found only 125 cable operators out of total 50,000 were involved in selling of Indian DTH illegal and violating the PEMRA code of conduct.

The PEMRA had also taken their equipment into custody.

Only three television channels out of a total of 120 also violated the PEMRA’s instructions regarding Indian contents.

Earlier, the PEMRA had given the permission to TV channels and cable operation to telecast the foreign material not more than ten per cent of their transmission and only six per cent of Indian content out of total ten per cent.