LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has offered to quit politics if corruption in the development projects is proved.

“I will quit politics and apologise to the nation if corruption of even a single penny is proved against me”, he said while addressing supporters after his unopposed election as PML-N Punjab chapter president yesterday.

“All development projects, including Metro Bus, Orange Line and Safe City, are examples of transparency” he said questioning as to why PTI chief Imran Khan does not speak about land mafia.

“Khan Sahib is surrounded by the people who got loans written off and grabbed lands worth billions of rupees,” he maintained.

Shehbaz said the attempts to halt development process and besiege Islamabad will fail, saying: “Pakistan is making rapid progress under Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the process will continue for a better future.”

Thanked the party workers for re-electing Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif as PML-N President, he said the people reposed trust on the PM. He also expressed his gratitude to his supporters for his re-election and vowed to continue PML-N’s development campaign.

He said that due to resolving of energy crisis, there will be no loadshedding anywhere in the country while agriculture sector will develop. He said that it would be a big revolution and service to the country.

He counted PML-N feats saying that a result of effective government policies, economy was bettering, job opportunities are being created and education, health, agriculture and other social sectors are improving.

But, he added conspiracies are being hatched to besiege Islamabad and paralyse Pakistan. “Such elements are, in fact, afraid of national development. Sit-ins are aimed at creating hurdles to progress. These people are also against CPEC and the KP CM has proved it by speaking against the economic corridor,” Shehbaz said. He said China is a sincere friend of Pakistan and there is no other example that any country gave historic package of 46 billion dollars for the progress of Pakistan. He said that future generations will also be thankful to China which helped Pakistan at this difficult time through this initiative.

He said that Orange Line is also the project of China and this project is for the country but the enemies of Pakistan are opposing this project.

“These enemies – PTI, PML-Q-League and others – have been exposed in the case against Orange Line in the High Court. The PTI formally requested to become a party when the PML-N moved the Supreme Court but it withdrew its request after coming to know that Punjab would stand against it,” the CM claimed.

Shehbaz Sharif said that he will spare no effort for the completion of projects of prosperity and progress of people as well as metro train project aimed at provision of safe, economical and speedy transport facility to the common man.

He said that those opposing this modern transport system of international standard cannot be sincere to the masses. He said that those political elements as are threatening to lockdown Islamabad should show mercy to Pakistan. The CM also requested Supreme Court to form a full court and review the allegations. He said that if allegations of grabbing of lands, waiving off loans, making properties and concealing facts from election commission are proved against these elements, the Supreme Court should decide itself.

He said that instead of opposing China these people should be grateful to it. Shehbaz Sharif said that if these elements love Pakistan they should be grateful to China for helping Pakistan at this difficult time. He said that PTI is showing his enmity to the country by conspiring to lockdown Islamabad. He said that PTI is perturbed over progress of Pakistan and its sit-ins are against the process of development.

He said that it does not behoove Imran Khan to stand in the company of those who got loans of billions of rupees written off or grabbed lands around Lahore.

He said that PTI is also opposing Kisan Package as it has no interest in development of agriculture sector and prosperity of farmers. He said that conspiracies against national progress and prosperity and public welfare projects will fail and the journey of progress will continue under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. Provincial Minister for Labour Raja Ashfaq Sarwar while addressing provincial council paid tributes to sacrifices of party workers. He said Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif through working day and night has proved that the decision made by party workers of electing him as president of PML-N Punjab in 2012 was right. Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rasheed, Federal Planning & Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal, Provincial Ministers, Members National & Provincial Assembly, office-bearers of PML-N and a large number of members of provincial council were present on the occasion.