Today, Pakistan faces a serious issue in terms of rule of law. It does not exist. Every public sector organisation has gone down the drains. There is lawlessness on the roads, and in the rest of the society. The self-serving and exploitative techniques of our rulers have led to this situation. Sadly, no one knows when our politicians, bureaucrats, and technocrats will come to their senses and work honestly for the nation. 

Had there been a rule of law in the country, I strongly believe that certain segments of the society would not be enjoying hefty pensions, fat salaries, foreign trips, and other undeserved perks and privileges. I remember two retired officers being reemployed on contractual basis in an Islamabad-based public organisation, on the condition that they remain in that organisation. Now, their plight should serve as an eye-opener to other extravagant officers. 

Without doubt, the only cure for these ills is the establishment of rule of law. The process might be difficult, but it should be initiated. 

When Brazil’s former chief of staff under President Dilma Rousseff, and the former minister of finance under President Lula de Silva could be arrested on charges of corruption related to the Petrobras scandal, then why can’t we do the same in our country? If our nation wants to live with dignity, rule of law must be established. Everyone must face justice, in order to save this society. 


Islamabad, September 28.