LAHORE - The PTI-led opposition yesterday lodged strong protest in Punjab Assembly over Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s dugdugi remarks about Imran Khan.

The House echoed with anti-Nawaz slogans as the opposition members led by Mehmoodur Rashid of PTI rose from their seats in a token of protest. “Moodi ka jo yaar hai, ghuddar hai ghuddar hai.” Go Nawaz go”, they chanted with full throated voice.

This incited a matching response from the treasury benches who termed PTI chief a friend of the Jews. “Yahoodi ka jo yaar hai, ghuddar hai, ghuddar hai”, they said, also adding another slogan, “Ro Imram Ro”.

The House witnessed a real rumpus for quite some time till the opposition members walked out in protest but only to reassemble on front steps of the Assembly building. It was a repetition of what they had performed on the Assembly floor. The raised slogans against the government and threatened it of dire consequences. 

Earlier, speaking on a point of order during the question hour, Opposition leader Mehmoodur Rashid condemned the prime minister’s remarks as deplorable. “Nawaz Sharif has been accusing us of singing and dancing at the container. Now for whom has he (PM) used these words”, he asked. Rashid alleged that the PML-N had been involved in conspiracies to defame country’s armed forces since long, and it continued to do so even today. 

Talking to the media outside the Assembly, he said that opposition will continue its protest till the prime minister is held accountable for his corruption. He asserted that his party will not allow the government to get away with the issue of Panama leaks. 

Rashid believed that the story published in DAWN newspaper was leaked to the reporter by the prime minister house. He also accused the ruling party of hatching conspiracies against the state institutions.