Muhammad Saljuk Gondal

As November draws nearer, millions of Americans can be found settling themselves in for the last wave of the political rollercoaster that has been this Presidential Election. The winds of rumours, predictions and what-ifs have long begun as everyone shares their two-cents on the matter.

Anti-Trump Americans can be seen spewing reasons for why we should fear Trump’s America and do everything possible to prevent it from becoming a reality – even if it means voting for ‘Crooked Hillary’. Regardless of who wins the election, one thing is beyond all doubt:

Trump’s America? It won’t come after the election, because it’s already here.

When Trump went out and spoke against Mexicans, calling them ‘rapists’ and ‘murderers’ and accusing them of ruining America, a large part of America greeted his blabbering rhetoric with a loud cheer.

Whether he knew it or not, Trump had just spoken for the massive underbelly of America which, for nearly a decade, had been forced to hide under a veil of political correctness. Roused by this sudden outcry of bigotry, the ugly underbelly reared its head and has been feeding on Trump’s statements ever since. Muslims, African Americans…with every ounce of denigration Trump gesticulated using his tiny hands, the underbelly grew bigger and now, it’s completely out into the open.

Today, the America that wants to blame all Muslims for 9/11 and any terrorism since, that blames Latinos for taking away their jobs and desires to shut out all immigrants in order to resolve the issue can do all of it without feeling even remotely guilty – courtesy Mr. Donald Trump.

By being the first to openly say what a lot of people were thinking deep inside, Mr. Trump has just broken the taboo. A lot of things previously considered ‘offensive’ are now characterized as the plain truth.

The problem with this is that America, as a whole, is now more open to the systematic discrimination of all of Trump’s targets because doing that has become more acceptable now. In a recent poll by Denver Post, Trump’s recent proposed policy of ‘extreme vetting of immigrants’ had a 65% approval rating. About six out of 10 immigrants said they back Trump’s proposal to have all foreigners take an ideological test when applying for a visa to make sure they share ‘American values’.

Keep in mind that all of this at a time when we still have Hillary Clinton favoured to be the President in the polls. Therefore, if these Trump policies have such a large support from the American public now, it’s quite possible that they might see themselves reflected in public policy legislation soon, even if a Clinton regime is voted into power.

The situation is clear. The anti-Trump voters on the aforementioned political rollercoaster may still be praying that a Hilary win may clear up the mess of bigotry and discrimination that Trump has made in his presidential campaign. But even club soda won’t get this stain out.

When the rollercoaster finally stops on November 8th, the day of the election, Americans will disembark it and get onto another one. One where misogyny, racism, bigotry and outright offensiveness are all very much part of the ride.


            The writer is a student at Aitchison College.