LOS ANGELES - Miley Cyrus has sent a video message to a fan who was shot twice at the Route 91 Harvest Festival massacre.

Miley Cyrus has sent ‘’peaceful vibes’’ to a fan injured in the Route 91 Harvest mass shooting.

The 24-year-old singer reached out to Katrina Hannah - who was shot twice during the massacre in Las Vegas earlier this month - in a video message, which was also posted on ABC7.

In the clip, she said: ‘’Hi Katrina, this is Miley. I’ve heard about you from so many wonderful people. Your name got to me from so many friends, some contestants on ‘The Voice’.

‘’They said that you’re a huge fan, and I just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you all the time.

‘’Sending all good, healing, and peaceful vibes to you, all your family and your friends. I hope you’ll feel better soon and just want you to know that you’ll be on my mind and on my heart. See ya!’’

Katrina cried when she was shown the message while in hospital.

She is now recovering from injuries to her neck and shoulder at home in California and admits the horrifying incident still doesn’t feel ‘’real’’. She said: ‘’I still don’t feel like any of this is real.’’ Katrina initially thought firecrackers were being let off when she heard shots fired. She said: ‘’I remember saying, ‘That’s dumb.’ And then two seconds later falling to ground. I thought I got tased or something. I wasn’t really sure what happened.’’

And she’s delighted by the kind messages of support she’s received while recovering.

She said: ‘’It means so much. It makes me just want to keep fighting and get stronger and be back on my feet with all of them.’