Through your newspaper, I would relish pointing out one of many problems that Pakistan today faces and whatever it is, why, is it, so and what solutions can be looked up to overcome such and such problems. Equality should be observed in every level and phase of society and no one is either is superior or inferior in the eye of law. But unfortunately this does not happen in our country, the entire system is left for big or rich people and the poor ones have to face every hardship of the system. In recent years we came to witness about the royal or VIP treatment that was given to former prime minister, his daughter and his son-in-law in jail of Adiyala while an offender is an offender, how come who did a crime could be a respectable person. 

But with deep sorrow, I have to say that whole management and officers of Adiyala jail were busy being servants to the one who is convicted for some serious crimes and sitting in the jail superintendent’s office, how one will feel the guilt or burden of his misdeeds. 

Prison and conviction are imposed on the one to make him a better person but jails in our country make them a regular offender by giving them VIP protocol even in the jail bigger the crime even bigger will be the protocol for the one. Let us take the example of former member of national assembly Hanif Abbasi, he is convicted life time for drug selling or for being a part of the drug mafia which is playing with the future of upcoming generation, but the treatment he is getting in jail is like he have done very good deeds for the sake of nation. The appeal is to bring equality among the rich and poor wherever they are, as a free member of society or in a jail. 

I understand the rules of the “Letters to the Editor,” I hope the message I have tried to convey will get through it, without being winnowed and I hope you will, positively, consider my message. 


Lahore, October 6.