Right to Information (RTI) is the right of every citizen of a country through which they can find out the progress of any public sector institute as those institute are running from the taxes that the public pays.

RTI is a law and is practiced in almost every developed country including India. But in Pakistan public barely avail this law as their right. It is even the part of constitution of Pakistan as Act 19A. Moreover the trend of RTI is negligible as the rate of completed requests is quite lower than that of other countries. RTI is not even fully applicable in Sindh as there is no RTI office yet. It is a moment of concern that why Sindh government does not look into this matter. RTI can be about the expenditures of any public sector institute. Moreover an RTI applicant can also question the Prime Minister about his expenditures or even about foreign tours.

Unfortunately no steps were taken by Sindh Government to make public strengthen by giving them the right of RTI. I request Sindh Government to do some measures so that the public should be aware that to whom they are paying their taxes.


Karachi, October 7.