islamabad - On the occasion of the National Day of Hungary and the 62th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution, a food gala was arranged in collaboration with Serena hotel and Hungarian Gastronomic National Association which attracted quite a few hungry guests at the event.  The invitation card by the Ambassador of Hungary István Szabó cut out in the shape of a chopping board was self explanatory.  Three chefs had specially flown in from Hungary for the food festival at Serena hotel. Hungary, located in the middle of Europe has extremely fertile land, which feeds 20 million Hungarian people on a daily basis. Hungary’s famous dish Gulyas also known as Goulash is very famous all over the world. Goulash is a very traditional Hungarian thick soup made with rich ingredients like dried cubes of beef stew cooked with onions chickpeas, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes and local spices. Hungarian dumplings are then included in the soup to create a distinctive taste. “It takes almost 3 hours to make this soup. It is served at family gatherings and festivals. “Hungarians drink this round the year”, informed one of the three chefs, who is running his own restaurant near Budapest. Hungarian strudel and Hungarian stuffed cabbage were also served hot to the guests.

The chef informed that he uses sour cabbage and adds spicy mince meat after which the cabbage is rolled and steamed. It’s generally eaten with bread and soup. Appetizers, lamb steaks and potatoes specialties were also served along with a number of traditional Hungarian dishes.  The chef also informed that Pakistani cuisine is very similar to Hungarian food as both countries use a lot of spices in their cooking and beef is all time favourite. The number of guests in attendance enjoyed the array of Hungarian Gastronomy. In recent years Hungarian Chefs have participated in some of the most prestigious gastronomic competitions around the world, making food a form of art

–The writer is a freelance contributor.