It’s been years Karachi has been suffering injustice and nobody is willing to own Karachi. And the development and infrastructure of Karachi city has been deeply affected and slowed down by the political difference between the provincial and the federal government over the years. However recently the federal has failed to clean up the garbage of the city as mayor Karachi claimed that he doesn’t have the authorities or the funds for it .But As we know the PM Imran khan is scheduled to visit Karachi on September 14 and during his visit he is scheduled in an important meeting of Karachi strategic committee which will be headed by MQM-P’s Farogh Naseem who recently hinted the possibility of invocation of Article 149 (4) in Karachi.

if article 149 is invoked then the citizens of Karachi will be very happy and last night they were overjoyed with the possibility of this article being invoked as they showed their concern over social-media As they will no longer will be ruled by a party who’s chairman has corruption cases against him and if we look at the performance of PPP in Sindh, it clearly shows that they have failed in developing in the province of Sindh As hundreds of people die in Thar every year because they are deprived of the necessities of life such as clean water and food . so I request the Pm to deicide about the future of Karachi as it is one of the most important cities of Pakistan as provides the most of the revenue for Pakistan and the downfall of this city will be a downfall for Pakistan.